Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Robbie!

hey everyone

well, what a lovely way to spend a weekend! young Robbie turned 5 last week, and thus it was time for a lovely party, courtesy of Duncan and Linda, the latter asking to mostly remain anonymous in any posts that feature me and Duncan doing very me and Duncan things.

anyway, dinosaurs were the theme for the party, the centerpiece being an absolutely massive, very ace inflatable jumping castle in the shape of a dinosaur. what am i saying? of course it's inflatable, exactly what kind of jumping castle would it be sans air? erm, moving on, here's James in his top spot for it, very much at the top!

it was indeed massive - those trees in the background are not short, and if Duncan stood on my shoulders i doubt we would have touched the top of it! nice one!

William also had a wonderful time at the party. he likes nothing more to visit new people, have a bit of a look around and then stretch out for a nice sleep in their gardens.

here's the birthday boy (who Duncan nearly got away with christening Falco, by the way), pointing away at his magnificent birthday cake.

and why is he pointing at it? because James is stood right in front of the cake. i am not kidding, every birthday party we go to and there's James muscling in front row centre on the cake action!

anyway, Robbie eventually went off to join him and admire the splendid volcano cake!

thanks once again to Duncan, Linda and Falc...erm, Robbie for a lovely day. we hope you all liked the presents!

righty-ho, the next post from the party is probably going to be one of those that Linda would prefer her name didn't feature in.............

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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