Friday, July 31, 2009

baking day

hey everyone

well, it feels like a little while since i put some pics of young James up, a little bit naughty as i haven't updated here with his rather fine new haircut. a haircut that was almost fuss and hassle free, by the way - well done Mummy!

every Friday at James' school (or creche, or perhaps even daycare, whatever you call it in the corner of the world in which you dwell) one of the children takes a turn to be the "baker". they bring in some treats, sweets or anything neat, and all the other children pay a small fee for them; the money of course going towards all the toys, paints and pencils they all play nicely with (ie destroy).

James was very excited as his turn was this week, and one of the teachers very kindly took some pictures of him distributing the treats!

now, when he was born, James had a slight red tint to his hair. that seems to have gone now. this is a bit of a pity, really, as if he still had it i suppose i could have called this post "Ginger Baker". if you don't get that, google away and thank you for making me feel old!

Jams loved doing this, and it seems that all liked the sweet packet he handed out. it only took me a couple of hours (!) to pack them all up, delighted to hear that they were appreciated!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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