Saturday, July 04, 2009

Daniel and (possibly) Katie

hi again

well, i have had quite an influx of pictures of late and just have not gotten around to updating the site. sorry, but the whims and cravings of the mother to be on this side means that myself and the more obscure shelves at the shops are seldom strangers these days. barley, on that note, is rather reasonably price here.

anyway, moving on, i have no idea what barley costs in the fine land of New Zealand, but i do know that Katie is developing a habit of hiding a little bit when the camera is out. this is probably a consequence of Grandad's visit earlier in the year, but could also be down to Gillian and Grant not quite being as wily as they could when taking pictures! here, anyway, see what i mean.

first up here's a pic from a place that i think or suspect is called Lollipops. sorry if it isn't! they all went along as some sort of end of term thing (yes, they have schools there), and it looks like a most excellent place.

see what i mean? either Katie sped up a great deal to beat the camera flash, or Gillian (or possibly Grant) decided against taking a proper picture. which is most likely? neither, yet both.......

Daniel seems rather keen to help Katie out with this whole business of avoiding the gaze of the lens, as you can see in this rather splendid next picture!!

and here's Katie not avoiding the camera as such, but, possibly wisely, inspecting exactly what it is that Mummy has given her to eat now!

you will note that Daniel has absolutely no problem whatsoever with eating everything and anything that Mummy gives him. Grant, clearly, has not been a good enough boy to get a delicious looking cupcake, but i am sure he was happy enough with the cup of (hopefully cold) tea in his hands!!!!

thanks for the pics, NZ family!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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