Monday, July 06, 2009

multi-tasking at verk

hey everyone

well, whilst for the most part we are focused, professional individuals at the place i call verk, every now and then you have to do some blue-sky, out of the box multi-tasking.

my colleagues faced a bit of a dilemma today, as they needed to, for no apparent reason, dispose of some of those polystyrene bars that protect printers as they are shipped. they of course do not protect printers from a good kicking after they have been unpacked and insist on jamming 3 of every 4 pages, but at least they ensure that they get to the intended destination relatively boot-mark free.

anyway, i felt obliged, if not honour bound, to assist my colleagues with this important but irrelevant task. as it turns out, the best way to get rid of some polystyrene bars is to give them a right good smack with your forearm whilst Zama and Cooper hold on to it. don't believe me? how fortunate that, as ever, young Trigger is on hand to capture the moment on camera.

now, you have to bear in mind that we are professionals at my place of verk. despite no prior training, we are experts in doing this. please do not try this at home, unless Zama and Cooper pitch up at your house / desk with some polystyrene.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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