Sunday, July 12, 2009

Telkom - where efficency and common sense do not dare dwell....

hey everyone

well, oddly, i was one of the few people living in South Africa that hadn't really had much of a problem with the much reviled, once upon a time only telephone company here, Telkom. not perfect, and it does have to be said that the one threat of violence i received from a senior manager there did lead to a nice apology and my service being installed anyway.

how curious, then, that i should only experience their banal and bewildering ability to give no service or sign of common sense when i canceled their services.

when i received my last invoice from them, they had somehow calculated that they owed me R100 or thereabouts, around about enough for a new DVD or something. i thus followed their instructions in regards of collecting this "refund" or reimbursal of sorts and headed off to one of their rather humorously named "client centres".

the fact that the two staff working there were considerably more interested in private calls than helping anyone was something i could certainly put up with, since presumably this would be the last time i would have to deal with them. alas, that seems not to be the case. i handed over the letter they sent me with the advice that they wished to give me money. in response, i was informed that they would take a copy of the letter and "immediately log a dispute on my behalf, which should be resolved within 28 days". yep, days.

i did sort of ask exactly what sort of "dispute" was being logged, since this was them telling me that they wanted to give me the money rather than me expecting, asking or even demanding it, but to tell the truth the heart is not particularly in this battle. i just walked off, and will presumably hear from then in 3 - 4 months.

as for the reason behind getting rid of them, well, Telkom wishes to charge a fortune for a heavily capped and limited broadband service. they are not the only kid on the block here anymore, and the rather brilliant NeoTel offer one unlimited broadband for a fixed fee. it's interesting that when i called to cancel Telkom and gave them this reason they asked if i "would be interested" if they made a similar offer. i said yes, of course, but as i had been asking them for it for a few years and they said that they would never ever do this, there was their answer!

in tribute to those who have had considerably more problems than i have with them, here's a cartoon for you as to how they appear to usually work.

thanks to whoever created the above!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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