Sunday, July 12, 2009

shoveling SOMETHING with Grandad....

hey everyone

after the exploits at the cinema James went to visit Grandma and Grandad and, quelle surprise!, Grandad was doing some more work and building out in the garden. needless to say, James was very excited about going off to help Grandad with this!

for the most part, James was rather keen to get his hands on his shovel and help fill the buckets up with manure, the source of which Grandad helpfully pointed out was cows - sorry Grant, i don't think sheep manure is used that much here.

even more helpful was Grandad's expansion of James' vocabulary, as he proudly told James that he could go to school and tell everyone that he had been "shoveling s*** with his Grandad this weekend.". nice one Dad, thanks for that.

we think we have persuaded James not to describe his weekend activities in the way that Grandad told him to, but then again i am both eager and anxious to see if his teacher would like a quiet word with me when i pick him up tomorrow!

shoveling sh....manure was not the only thing they did in the garden. interestingly, Grandad asked James to help him install some solar powered lights on the much celebrated bridge over the river koi; bewilderingly he encouraged James to give them a good hit to get them into the soil.

only one got broken as a consequence of this, which is not bad going at all!

wither Marmite, you may well ask? never all that far away, although it has to be said she did eventually go and hide from James, so exhausted was she from playing with him!

and that, with the cinema, was Saturday. hope yours was good, needless to say we are having a very lazy and taking it easy Sunday today!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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