Monday, July 13, 2009

King of Toasters

up until this morning, right, i thought that we had no problem whatsoever with our toaster. it works pretty much as one would conventionally expect a toaster to work, and i haven't really paid that much attention to it.

now, of course, having seen this, i am aware that we have a lesser toaster, and urgently need to buy this new one!!

how excellent is this? sadly, i suspect the $55 (!) price tag on it means that we won't be having this in our home any time soon, but if that kind of money suits your budget, you can purchase it by clicking here.

meanwhile, here's a rundown of the device from the Daily Telegraph :

Lucasfilm has developed a must-have gadget that threatens to part even the most financially-challenged Star Wars fans with their money: the Darth Vader toaster.

The device is clad in a black plastic mould that resembles Darth Vader's infamous mask. But that's not all.

As it toasts your morning slice of bread, the gadget burns an image of the everyone's favourite Dark Lord of the Sith on to the side. It is predicted to be a huge hit with fans of the franchise. said the toaster was bound to be a sure-fire sell-out: "How else would you get a chance to smudge jam into Darth Vader's grill?"

may the force be with your toast.
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