Wednesday, July 08, 2009

a truth that washes that learnt how to spell

hey everyone

well, with regards to the title, James is in the bath right now and he does prefer to wash himself, so there you go. one or two of you reading this will, of course, clock where the title line comes from; if that be you, dear reader, by all means treat yourself to a coconut or something.

erm, why the title to begin with? James has been showing off his artistic flair once again. not so long ago, my dear visionary wife purchased a whiteboard thingie and put it up in our bedroom. i was somewhat concerned as to what she wanted to make notes of, or perhaps even record the score of as you can well imagine, but i am delighted to say that it was purchased for James to do drawing and writing on.

drawing he has certainly been doing, and has now taken those precious first steps towards writing too!

although one would hope that the picture speaks for itself, it is a picture that James informs us is of his baby brother (hence their being no hair, James had none in his baby pics) who, you may be interested to know, James has decided to name "not Elvis" for now. Just for good measure, he has started to try and write his own name, as you can see between the mouth and nose. the "J", "S" and to an extent "M" are rather good, the rest will follow soon enough!

i have no idea at what age children are supposed to read or write, and quite frankly it's not really an issue, as i am not comparing or measuring James to anyone or any sort of guide. we are just thrilled with what he's doing so far!

now, my chum Sinbad is currently doing a high-end photography course, and shared with me some tips about colour and balance. i have, alas, forgotten a bit (most) of it, and i don't think our camera is quite up to the challenge of it. basically, went with one pic with the flash on and one with it off, hope that either or both are fine!

James, as is the way of the temperamental artist, refuses to be in the picture with his fine work - sorry!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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