Sunday, September 21, 2008

who's watching the tree?

hey everyone

sorry, probably one of those "me, me, me" posts that apparently peeps like i are supposed to do all the time.

as i suspect i alluded to in an earlier post, we have been doing quite a bit of verk in the garden of late. this continued today, and with the subject for this post in mind, Michele decided it was time for me to update here with some pics.

the tree for which someone to watch over is being asked is pictured below!

and why does it need moving? because i, with little or no garden experience and the ability to match, somehow managed to move the tree to where it is from the other side of the garden! i am quite chuffed that it is still standing, but nonetheless appreciate someone keeping a keen eye on it just in case it does fall over or something. well, fall over really. if we assume that "or something" would be it running away, methinks this not a likely scenario. you never know, mind, it has about a metric tonne of compost on it.......

anyway, here's the corner of the garden where it once stood, and a glimpse of the other plants we have been putting there!

sorry, don't think i get the full majesty of it, but there's two lilies there (Michele's favourites) and all sorts of other colourful things. including, might i add, a small rose bush, for which i have hopes. i really miss the rose bushes we had at our former home!

on lilies, however, here's the uberlily i picked up today and planted for Michele.

as James kind of (well, very much) took a broom to the one i planted last weekend, i thought i had better play it safe and get another one in the garden for her to admire!!

this is all a glimpse of three weekends in the row for a garden for me. i must say i am rather enjoying it. why the sudden taste for horticulture? not sure, really. James loves the outdoor life, so i guess it's a consequence of that. it's all possibly because i am getting old, or turning my interests towards those of my father and his father before him. hey hum, no bad thing no matter why i am out there in the compost!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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