Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Way To Die

wow, a James Bond theme that we can almost get excited about! i have not heard Another Way To Die as of yet, but my copy is on order from those ace guys at recordstore. needless to say, my advice to you is to go and order a copy for yourself.

why can we all of a sudden get interested in a Bond theme again? well, Jack White is involved, which can only be a good thing. i mean, if the rumours of Duran Duran coming back and doing the theme turned to truth that would have been class, but then again there's no way that they could have topped A View To A Kill, the greatest Bond theme of all time. after several years of mediocre and dull themes (although the last one, You Know My Name, was a step in the right direction), it's pretty safe to bet on White delivering an ace tune.

there's also the fact that this track is a vinyl only release. that's right, no CD, no download, nowt. just pure, quality vinyl, the way music was intended to be heard.

the only downside would appear to be the appearance of Alicia Keys on the record. i am no fan of her music & style, and nor are many others that i know. in an ideal world, it would have been a Bond theme done by just The White Stripes, but you never know, she might do OK on this under Jack's guidance.

despite the rather odd name for it, this Quantum Of Solace is looking like a pretty decent film. the trailer doing the rounds certainly suggests that it is going to be good viewing, at least!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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