Sunday, September 07, 2008

the constant gardener

hey everyone

well, usually, James gets his gardening activities all done at Grandma and Grandad's house. this he sort of did this weekend too, as he went to visit Grandma and Grandad. i believe James inspected Grandad's new array of plants, but it would seem that he was not as active as usual in digging things up and planting things down.

that said, in a rare move, he was gardening with Daddy today! it's a rare find to discover me in the garden, but we had some weeds growing that even i could no longer ignore, and those nice chaps at verk gave us some sort of plant, tree or bush seeds to plant as part of the celebrations of all things spring. well, it beats sitting around reading Chaucer to us all in the minds of some.

the more observant will notice that my beard has fallen off between Friday and Sunday. yes, Grant, went to Mo's, and they pass on their best wishes!

as far as the weeding (or de-weeding?) of the garden went, it sort of went ok. many of them had put some firm foundational roots in our garden, and were none too happy about me coming along to try and dig them out. on top of that, our one cat, Caremon, was rather displeased as she has been using the weed crop as a nice place to sleep. James was keen to help, however, and was delighted to throw bucket after Batman bucket of water onto the soil as Daddy dug away. i just about got the lot of them out, then the trowel thingie broke. oh dear, will have to send Grandad off to get me the right gardening tools! actually, it might be wise just to leave it all to Grandad!

in regards of planting the seeds from verk, James was rather excited as we told him it would be like Eva's plant in Wall-E. to that effect, James was rather delicate and careful with putting the seeds in!!

the phrase "just a little bit of water at first", alas, did not hold the kind of resonance with James as i had hoped, and thus the table got a perhaps much-needed watering at the same time as what is now called the Eva seedling!!!

never mind, after doing the seedling James was rather happy to sit down with a nice cup of strawberry pop and reflect on a job well done!!

digging weeds out of the garden, planting seeds and engaging in a rather futile attempt to encourage James to water the grass, plants and trees instead of the tiles under a forbidding, blazing sun was not quite how i intended to spend a lazy sunday afternoon, but my word it was fun regardless!! next sunday, however, might find me sat with a cup of tea and a dvd; if James wishes to perform his art of gardening, Mummy can jolly well go and do it!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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