Friday, September 05, 2008

about my chums

hi there

well, as intimated in a previous post, here are some of the people i am lucky enough to spend my days at verk with. they are a terrific bunch indeed, making the bad days get resolved and the good days seem all the better!

first up, here's a whole bunch of us. with your humble narrator is Jayson, the delectable Sandra in the background, Zama proudly showing off his hat and glasses, and oh look there's Kelvin lurking around.

i must say you are rather lucky - to have two pictures of Kelvin and him retaining his pants in a traditional state (ie zipped up and on properly) is a rather rare thing!

here's another of Zama, so you can have a good gander at how much better he looks in the hat and glasses than i do!

Zama is a rather interesting chap. as i recall, my first conversation of consequence with the lad occurred in the gentleman's facility in our verk building. it was a rather profound chat and we shall leave it at that, quite frankly.

speaking of interesting chaps, my good friend Prenasen is certainly that; a gent with many strings to his bow. sadly, we said goodbye to him today, as he heads off to pastures new with a rather interesting and great career opportunity lying away from us.

he is a great lad, and i will be staying in touch with him wherever he ends up!

ah, now what would a Spring Day celebration be without an image of Sinbad?

like Ronel, Sinbad is a manager at verk, and will thus be first up against the wall and shot when the revolution comes. actually, even if he wasn't a manager this would probably be the fate which befell him, friendship regardless.

and here's Iggy. a wonderful friend, who took me in on my first day and taught me all that i know. Spiros then showed me how to shortcut all that, of course. she also sat at the main table with Michele & I when we got married; a rather clever move as if anything ever goes wrong i can just blame her!

yes, Iggy is a manager too (sorry, i have a complete lack of career ambition in that regard), so will in all likelihood end up against the wall when the revolution comes, etc, etc. in the mean time, however, she does command a reasonable, if not notable, amount of respect, and we try to show that. sometimes we show that by putting hundreds of sugar packets and tea bags in her handbag in the hope that security will stop and question her as she tries to leave the building, granted, but there are other ways we do. like for instance this rather impressive ceremonial dance that Zama and your humble narrator created for Iggy today....

look at the unbridled joy on her face!!

that's probably it for Spring Day pictures, unless anyone at verk that i took a pic of gets upset about not being here and i shall gladly upload them!! those who are uploaded here and don't want to be, alas, will not be removed. well, not until i receive a cease and desist letter from a lawyer or something.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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