Friday, September 05, 2008

Spring Day at Verk.....

hey everyone

well, following on from James having a Spring Day celebration at school, we had a similar event at verk today. many, many fine people put some fine effort into some dazzling decorations for our verk area, but i am not sure how much of it will be in the pictures i put here!!

now, i do try to avoid that "me, me, me" style of posting that blogs get accused of, but how could i not show off this class picture of me here?

this is one of the most ace pics of me yet! many thanks to Zama for "lending" me the hat and the shades; the shades that are so smart that they are second only to the ones that THE KING wears. i will try and include a pic of Zama in the hat and shades later. reluctantly, as they somewhat suit him better :)

now i know a great many people get very excited when it is Spring Day at my verk, as it means that it is time for the annual pic of me and Trigger doing our thing, so to speak. and who am i to disappoint?

does that kind of posing with Trigger have any effect on the ladies? you be the judge.....

what a shame for all the suitors above that i am happily married!

aha, back to the classic posing, this time being assisted with Kelvin, who whilst not a smoker has procured a lighter for me. not that i or anyone else could light up indoors of course.

Kelvin is class to have around. other than being a great guy, he is "mr fix it". beyond lighting cigarettes, over the years he has performed top level surgery on many of my possessions, from staplers to car stereos. nice one man.

some more pics to follow!

happy Spring, or Autumn, depending where you are. if i have any readers in the Arctic Circle or similar, happy whatever you actually have i guess.....

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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