Thursday, September 11, 2008

all things Terminator.....

so, is Arnold going to be in Terminator Salvation? well, this picture would say yes, maybe.....

of course, a lot of people out there are saying this pic is a few years old, from when Bale was making Batman Begins. doubt it - Bale in this pic doesn't look like Batman / Bruce Wayne in that film (hairstyle, dears), and he's too well built for the other film he made at the time, The Machinist. also, apparently this video shows that this is current. also, doesn't the lass in blue jeans look just a bit like it might just be Cameron out of Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles? haven't watched the vid, so no idea if you see her face.

on the subject of Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles, i am delighted to see that it soon returns for a second series, with the first episode getting some pretty good reviews from those who have (ahem) seen it in advance. they have come up with some class posters for it at least!

the pic above is my favourite, the one below included mostly to see if you agree with me about the Arnie picture possibly featuring Cameron!

the future is looking good for us Terminator fans i guess!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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