Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Lunch

hi everyone

gee, well, i don't know, a while since my last update, kind of so. i didn't realise that it was close on two weeks since i posted, as per the comments in the last post! oh well, here we go with some images from today!

first up, here's James, doing his rather determined walk thing. i believe he was happily playing with Marmite not too long before the pic was taken. then, we have to assume, he stopped as he had a rather good idea come to him, so off he goes to act upon it. this is a rather common event with James, no idea if it happens with other children. probably!!

now that i think of it, i am not sure what it is that he marched off to do! one suspects that perhaps Lyla had gotten hold of a toy that he, consequently and obviously, decided that no he must have right now! that said, it would be nice to think that he was off to do something as innocent an pleasant as give Mama, Grandma or Grandad some luvvies!

it is the case, alas, that he was probably off to go and see if Lyla was doing the walking thing OK, and to make sure that she was not tampering with any of his "stuff", as it were. with respect to Lyla's walking, it is going all very well indeed, and she trundles off at will and with some ease. just not when in the bouncy castle.....

Lyla does enjoy a good sit down, however. i noticed today that she is considerably happier to pose for pictures than her cousin James is! she is also just as keen to look away at something other than the camera when it suits her, like for instance in this picture where they are sat with Michele. i say "sat" with caution - this is almost as close as we came to getting them together for a picture the whole day!

"almost as close" is probably not the best use of the English language i have dispensed here, but you will see what i mean in a later pic!

meanwhile, here's Lyla safely in Grandma's arms! i think she looks a bit tired in this picture, but one must give her something of a break. with Lyla, walking, yes, running, not quite there. she can walking with a somewhat elevated pace, but she is not as of yet in a position to keep up with James in the house and through the garden!

that said, it's rather a credit to anyone who can keep up with James, quite frankly!!

it was a delight to see Lyla today, along with Erika and of course Richard. it feels like ages since we last saw them all, i think it has been a fair few months anyway! it's not always easy to see each other, what with distance, time, verk and so forth, but i dare say we all would appreciate it if we could overcome all of that!

a-ha, now here we have another picture of James and Lyla together, one that with some luck shall give some sort of justification to my earlier manipulations of the English language! it appears that the two of them had a rather good idea involving the chair cushions and sleep...

poor Lyla, every time she got her hands on a cushion, James decided all of a sudden that he actually wanted to sleep on that particular one! in fairness, he is getting somewhat better with these notions of sharing and accommodating, but he remains just as perfectly flawed as the rest of us in respect of showing this all the time!

time for James to catch up on some reading, it seems! he rather loves books, and i suspect (perhaps hopefully and optimistically) that he is picking up on one or two words, or at least letters, as he goes along. probably just on association at this stage, but it is a start.

i believe he is reading a Superman annual dated 1996 here, and one that is something of a peculiar oddity, as if one had a normal oddity. in this annual, Superman appears to do battle with no less than The Joker himself, and i do mean The Joker. odd, i had never known of the character to appear outside of the world of Batman, but there you go. lurking not too far from James is indeed a Batman annual anyway, dating back to 1981. i am not sure if it was mine or Richard's, but one thing is of certainty - James has made it his own now!!

and after all this activity, what better way to wind down for the day than with a nice drink of warm milk? all that James needed to find to enjoy this wonder of warm milk was a nice, comfy spot to lie down on.......

....very generous of Grandad to oblige! James was happily lying by Grandad having his milk bottle, but when he got cold he hopped off, headed to find his beloved "ball" blanket as he calls it (i believe it was mine at his age!), then climb back on with it!!

well, that's about it for pictures from today! hope you all had a most excellent Sunday too!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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