Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lyla and James (not together, alas)

hey everyone

some new pics of Lyla, thanks to Erika!!

first up, here she is in a class bunny rabbit or possibly rabbit pair of jimjams! they look adorable, and Lyla looks rather awake for a picture taken early in the morning. i will wager that she had quite a bit of energy to burn off that day!!

it feels like ages since we have seen Richard, Erika and Lyla. ho hum, what with verk and them living something of a distance away it's not always to see as much of each other as we would like!! i believe that when they are next here Grandma wants to take them all along to the Lory Park Zoo that James loves so much. it should be a rather grand and indeed fun day out!

and, as for what James is up to these days, well.........

and here's Lyla, clearly happy and delighted to be sat near a rather smart looking Tigger! i think Tigger is at least the same size as Lyla at the moment, if not bigger than her. that tends not to last at that age, would like to see a pic of her with Tigger in a couple of months!

now that i think about it, for some reason we have not watched The Tigger Movie for ages. Batman and Night At The Museum are the top choice at the moment, but i think we shall have a watch of Tigger bouncing around again soon!

as you can see, he has taken something of an interest in driving Grandma's Jeep. actually, if i didn't know better, i would say he's trying to clock how one "hot wires" it, looking at the intent interest on his face!

i think this has more to do with James currently having a rather dedicated interest in climbing over everything and everyone that he can find, really. he doesn't seem to do much damage to himself as he does it, so there you go. i believe i still have the scars of similar adventures at his age!!

anyway, more pics in the not too distant future, i hope! we are probably due a batch from New Zealand soon!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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