Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Want To Believe (that this will be decent)

i am not at all sure that there is any great need or point to another X Files film. but, just as that can be said of certain people i know, there's also some interest in the idea, and further the reality is that they/it exist/s.

it's difficult to nail what exactly the inspiration is for a return to this subject with the imminent release of X Files - I Want To Believe, really. i mean, the series did not finish all that long ago to warrant tapping up some nostalgia market (unless i am mistaken) and, as much of a mess the final series was at times, it did pretty much place a full stop on the story. at least, i guess that's what we all assumed.

the plot is being kept under wraps at this stage, which is either an attempt to keep the experience of watching the film as magical, mystical and surprising for audiences as possible, or it is an attempt to disguise that this is a lame film with a low budget and ill conceived script. some thing are known, however. apparently Mulder & Scully have gone their separate ways and are now "ex" FBI. presumably they are "ex" in the disillusioned sense, for that would certainly go some way to explain the "acting" look from David Duchovny in this picture, would it not?

as for Gillian Anderson, well, nothing has gone all that right, film & TV career wise, ever since she was unable to appear in one of the Hannibal Lecter films owing to her contract forbidding her from ever playing any other FBI agent, has it?

one hopes that this is not just Chris Carter and his two stars milking the last possible cash out of the whole X Files phenomenon. i really do wish to believe that this is a film for the fans of the show, and remains decent entertainment.

will Agent Doggett (or whatever that bloke that was in Terminator 2 was called in the show) be in it?

be spooky and excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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