Monday, April 07, 2008

Dark Knight / Quantum of Solace

just a couple of new pictures i found today! this first one of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight is similar yet different from the one i posted earlier. The Joker would appear to be rather upset with someone!

i am not expecting too much to be released from The Dark Knight in terms of pictures and trailers, really. the release date is what, 3 months away, and i really don't see what more they could do to get everyone at it with regards to anticipation and desire to see the thing. come on, release it already!!

and here's a pretty "not much really" kind of image from the next Bond film, the oddly titled Quantum Of Solace. just think, nearly 20 years ago they changed the name of Licence Revoked to Licenced To Kill as they did not believe that the American market at large would understand the "revoked" bit. and now they trust them with two rather fancy words - go figure.

anyway, the picture is what it is - Bond running up some sort of structure with his gun all at the ready and prepared to do something. not at all exciting, but some of you may find it of interest. Casino Royale was at least a promising start for this whole "Bond reloaded" idea they have had for the films, so let's hope this turns out to be something decent to watch. November 2008 is the release date for it, i believe.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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