Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Many Faces Of Richard

as Richard was the most vocal in concerns around me not updating my blog recently, it is only fair to pay tribute to him with some pictures. after all, Richard is currently celebrating the fact that his argument, that all films should be Sword And The Sorcerer or they should not be made, has in his world been proved by the imminent arrival of Tales Of The Ancient Empire this year.

a word of caution, however. Richard, by and large, is not a person intended for general public consumption. some of the images below may not be suitable for all. actually, just about all of them are not suitable for all really. you have been warned.

first off, here is Richard proudly standing with an Amstel alcoholic beverage and some biltong. he was on his way to add a camel cigarette to this combination, making something of a triumvirate of quality, if you will. it was indeed very kind of Richard to stop long enough to pose for a picture with parts one and two of this trilogy.

there have been some provisional discussions around the idea of using this picture as the basis of a birthday card of something for our brother-in-law, Grant. it's not an all together bad idea, but as there is a lack of visible wool or any other sheep related materials in the image, how excited and impressed Grant would be by such an artistic statement is debatable at best, irrelevant at worst. that said, if Grant sees the image here, well then, there's the birthday gesture already taken care of. sort of.

now this is a rather fortunate picture, as it captures the essence of Richard in his natural state. lying on a couch, watching TV when not asleep and keeping the TV remote handy on the off chance that something he sees offends him is something that Richard does rather well. another thing that Richard does well, as pictured here, is make what he considers to be appropriate gestures of non-verbal communication to make his thoughts and feelings clear to any passing audience. read into that what you will; and yes, the more observant of you will have noticed two remote controls that are within easy reach if only Richard's hands were not presently busy.

whereas the above picture was never considered as a possible basis for a birthday card for Grant, this image was under some consideration. you will notice the subtle differences in this picture from the very first one. whereas in the other picture Richard had a look about him that said "soon there will be a new Sword and the Sorcerer film, nice one, busting, ace", in this image Richard seems to be evoking the sentiment "i own the film Convoy on DVD and VHS, and i am quite prepared to own it in any other format the Japanese can think of.".

you will further observe that we still have just the biltong and the Amstel on the go at this stage - Richard's words not long after this picture was taken amounted to a suggestion that no further pictures would be considered until such time as he had procured and at least partially consumed a camel cigarette. Richard's actual words, as colourful and loaded with metaphors as they were, will not be repeated on this site, thank you.

and finally, another shot of Richard in his place of comfort. this one was taken some time after the other similar image, after he had finished a light afternoon nap with the TV on. i say finished his nap, but not finished in any sort of naturally occurring way. i believe his words made it clear that my regular filming and taking pictures of him had disturbed his presumably pleasant snooze. it is perhaps as a consequence of the rather abrupt nature that his sleep ended that left him in a rather tired state, hence only the one hand being used to make a gesture which was earlier defined.

so, there you have some brief insights into the world of Richard. i trust that you have enjoyed them, and were not too offended by some of the images and concepts going on display here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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