Thursday, April 03, 2008

images from The Dark Knight

hey everyone

some ace new pics of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight have turned up!! they are out there in the world, so i guess any spoilers the images may contain are intended?

no idea where they fit in to what is looking like the film event of the year, but here's my (somewhat obvious) speculations about them! first up, here's Nurse Joker then. who's the subject of this rather elaborate hit, and who is it that he is knocking off at the same time? we will find out in July, in the mean time, well, this pic is just plain spooky!

The rifle ready Copper Joker looks interesting, especially with the footage from the trailer showing a legion of coppers marching and, apparently, destroying the "bat sign". if nothing else, this shows that the white clown paint is just that - make up worn by the enigmatic one, rather than the standard toxic chemical bleached skin approach. nice one, the reality aspects are what will make this all work!

and finally, one that is not Heath Ledger, and one that i doubt is Christian Bale. some of the early promo shots released for The Dark Knight showed a gang in a car park, all dressed as batman - at a guess, this would be one of that gang who didn't quite make a success of whatever it is they were doing!

well, that's that then, a mere 3 months to go. by the way, no trailer on the Clown Travel Agency site, but a fascinating link from it all the same. if you want to get one of the best phone calls you will ever get in your life, i suggest that you either follow the link off that site, or just click here and follow the instructions!!

have fun!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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