Sunday, April 27, 2008

more from Sunday

thanks Dad for sending a stack of other pictures through!!! i would not wish to put each and every image from today up here, so here's a selection of a few of the best of them. well, a few of the best of them and one or two of yours truly.....

first up, here's why exactly James and Lyla were not all that keen on joining in and eating the rather fine lunch Grandma, Grandad and Erika made (Richard "observed" it being made)..... glorious retrospect, perhaps i should have not given them their treats, an ace lucky packet each, before dinner was served!!

and here's one of Richard any myself engaged in conversation -

i would love to shared with you that we were discussing something trivial, such as Cartesian dualism or some other matter of theoretical discourse. alas, we were discussing the rather important, heavy hitting subject of Richard's most excellent new cellphone game, California Chainsaw Massacre. i can very easily see me soon marching into the premises of a distributor of cellular telephone devices and purchasing any model they provide which can play this magnificent game!

next up is a shot of Lyla and James playing on their toy bike things. i am not sure if Lyla is a calming influence or if he has just clocked that falling off it hurts, but by and large today James used the toy bike as it was intended for a change, and as far as i am aware managed not to fall off it!

and finally one of your humble narrator paying a visit to the realm of the bouncy castle. i somehow doubt that i would fit much further into it than one can see in this picture, and this is not really a bad thing.

Lyla was already in the class bouncy castle, and was feeling somewhat nervous and unstable on the bouncy platform. i don't think me sticking my head in, at the behest of my Dad as he wielded his camera, gave her quite as much assurance as it could have done!!

righty-ho, i think that will just about do it for pictures of today, quite frankly! it would be, as ever, my sincere and earnest hope that you all have had a very good weekend too!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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