Thursday, April 10, 2008

62 Years Later.........

hey everyone

Many thanks to Susan for the collection of pictures she sent through from taking Grandma and Gramps down to where they met 62 years ago! erm, that's my Gran & Gramps, not James' for a change!!

here they are at Old Dalby, where they met in 1946. i am guessing, from Susan's elaborate and punctuation-free email, that this first one is on the grounds of Old Dalby Hall?

again, if i have followed Susan's mail correctly, this next one is in front of the house where Gramps's boss, Mr Kent, used to live. there is a rather cheeky pic of Gramps around the back of the house, as that is where he used to go and collect his wages! not included here, mind!

and this one must be in front of Old Dalby Hall, then. Gramps was under the impression that it had been burnt down or destroyed, so i would imagine that he was delighted to find that it had not!

and finally, a trip anywhere for Gramps without finding a new lady friend is a failure, so here he is in front of what was once upon a time a village school with a lady called Anne. Anne remembered Gramps well, apparently her father wanted Norman Henry to work for him, but with no accommodation available it was of to Cirencester for them. oh well!

it sounds like Gran and Gramps had a wonderful time on their trip down memory lane, so well done to Susan and everyone for arranging it!! i suppose if Michele & i, in about 53 years time, decided to go back to where we met, we would log on to the interwebnet thingie and then eventually head off in the direction of a petrol station on Rivonia Road. as i very much doubt that they will have the interwebnet thingie or petrol by that time, perhaps we shall just sit back and be happy for the time that we have had. aaaaaah.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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