Wednesday, December 26, 2012

now and then and now again

hi there

well, those of you visiting hoping for something akin to a festive update are likely to be left frustrated by this post. sorry about that, but be assured that i will try and do some Christmas pictures reasonably soon.

i had reason to go out to the shops today, this being Boxing Day or whatever one choses to call it now. Day Of Goodwill is a phrase i have heard in passing, as indeed is Family Day. it was the family that gave me reason to head out, as it happens. Christmas is a time for gifts that frequently require batteries. to this end, i had indeed stocked up with some 30 "penlight" batteries in advance of such gifts. i was caught somewhat offguard, however, by just how quickly one of them ":Leap Pad" devices devours the energy contained within batteries! ho hum, off i went, then, to get a rechargable set (or two) and a charger.

after that, it was off for some basics in the form of milk and eggs. who should i bump into, in a mostly deserted shopping centre, other than my good friend, nay bum chum, Spiros. a photograph or two was then in order. here, for your viewing pleasure, are the two of us in that most notorious of places in any supermarket, the egg aisle.  

as chance, or if you will fate, would have it, my considerably better half was recently cleaning up the house and found a most interesting item from the past. well, it was unlikely that she would find one from the future. moving on, and here is the item - a picture key ring, no less, although it is one formidable in size key ring.

that is Spiros and i some, what, 15 or more years ago. probably closer to 16 or 17, really. that was back in the days when i did not have a beard but did have ace "Morrissey" style glasses, and Spiros had something of a Michael Bolton thing going on with his hair.

other than that, as you can see, very little else has change about the two of us!

i did suggest to Spiros that we do something along the lines of a "proper" pose, but as far as he is concerned these are in fact proper poses. as his great artistic ways were only recently shown off on this blog, i am in no position to argue with him.

i do hope and trust that you bumped, as it were, into some people of interest over Christmas too!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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