Thursday, December 27, 2012

glimpses of Christmas

hi there

well, as promised a post or two ago, here's some relatively still in time pictures of Christmas celebrations that were sent to me!

in respect of a respect for the way in which the Earth rotates / orbits in relation to the Sun and the calendar we have created as a consequence, it is only fair to start off with where they celebrate Christmas first, or at least the first of those to send me pictures. that would of course then mean a visual trip to New Zealand.

this picture may well be considered a trifle late for the annual battle of the Christmas tree pictures, but considering the trouble it is to send pictures from New Zealand it is not for me to quibble. behold, how a tree stands in upside down land!

that is quite a splendid tree, i must say, and an equally impressive set of Christmas cards stuck to the door just behind it!

whatever speed be lacked in regular pictures from New Zealand is negated somewhat by the happy, regular arrival of the self-portrait of the family every year. This year, of course, there were two people joining them. surprised that it was not three new faces - where had Marmite got to?

if such a thing as a conspiracy theorist lurks and stalks this blog they will no doubt be having the above picture declared a forgery. why? well, Dad has normal coloured footwear on. there's not a hint of red there. the smile Grant has suggests he has hidden them.

across an ocean or two and wave of time and it came to be Christmas time in our home. to that end, Father Christmas was exceptionally good to the boys. as indeed were the Harlo gang, who arranged for some class presents for the boys. here's James showing off what he got from them.

that is a super shirt! speaking of super, if any Harlo gang member (or anyone for that matter) knows where one can get that shirt in XXXXL size (or thereabouts), do not hesitate - go get it, and send it along to me!

Father Christmas also kindly delivered some presents from Grandma and Grandad for the boys. oddly nothing sheep related, not really featuring red shoes. they would have loved such items, of course, but they seem to appreciate the new Batmobiles all the same!

how clever Father Christmas was to bring those, he must have known they would go rather well with the exceptionally ace Batcave toys that they also got!

with this being the 21st century it was inevitable that the boys would be getting some modern and sophisticated toys. William was very impressed indeed about getting one of them "Leap Pad" things.

i have not had a go on it myself, but i have replaced the batteries on it a couple of times already and it does look like a rather top present!

moving over to England, and Trevor has very kindly sent on some pictures of the previously mentioned Harlo gang celebrating Christmas. well, they are good people and thus celebrate life every day really, so Christmas is one presumes a time of uber-celebration. except, perhaps, for young Chris.

where as 75% of the people in the picture above look most content, there is that wayward look in the eyes of Christopher. he has, after all, been seduced by the ways of the life aquatic, and is clearly yearning for a return to the high seas. as happy as he is to celebrate with his family, he is clearly of a torn heart, for he feels he belongs out there on a ship, helping some burly, tattooed naval type do some rope rigging, or whatever the hell it is they do at sea.

Chris is also quite possibly hankering for a return to Paris. that would explain the ho-he-ho-he French shirt he has on, and indeed the fact that he left out a treat typical of French cuisine, namely a bowl of coco pops and a massive glass of Pernod, for Santa on Christmas Eve.

all that you could want to know of why Chris would be wishing to head to the seas, or Paris, or even to Paris via sea, is on display in the next picture.

yes, that is Andrew randomly taking yet another picture of something wrapped in tinfoil. and yes indeed that is Colin giving some sort of hands on demonstration with a Christmas pudding. one can only hope that Colin is explaining the intricate ways of the offside trap there, but alas it cannot be ruled out that he is in fact giving some sort of impromptu and you would imagine unsolicited sex education lesson of sorts.

well, i do have a few more Christmas pictures to post here, but i am kind of waiting for my dear mother-in-law to read and review a certain book first. when she does, or if i simply lose patience, an update shall land!

i sincerely hope and trust you all had a most excellent Christmas!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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