Saturday, December 15, 2012

Australia, are you watching?

hi there

well, some credit for me for trying to do regular updates, please, even if the two before this were not the most pleasant of things!

a much, much happier topic to post on today. two topics, actually - James and cricket. two very fine things indeed in this world, i do, then, is James showing off his rather dapper new cricket gear!

he really does look the part! well, i am not sure many Test batsmen go out to the wicket wearing a set of Lego Star Wars pyjamas, but then again perhaps it is a look that will catch on!

a question James has to answer is exactly which Test playing nation will he play for. he is, after all, as qualified to play for England as he is South Africa. actually, it seems the best approach these days for South Africans to play for England, so that might answer that.

he has a theory at the moment that the ICC will let him play Tests for England and one-day shenanigans for South Africa. as long as he plays in the Ashes, fine by me.

it will probably be another 11 - 12 years before he makes his full Test debut, if we are honest. i know the greatest modern cricketer, Mr Tendulkar, started early, but James is way taller than him and unlikely to get a call up as a consequence. i think James will be ready for an Ashes debut around the 2023/2024 series. Australians, consider yourself warned.

i do have a few other pictures from today to post, incluing us having cake and coke for breakfast (NB the non-Oasis, non-Keith Richards variant of coke), but it's late in the day and i have an online appointment with a Frankie......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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