Friday, December 07, 2012

birthday time!

hi there

well, i did warn in the last post that things are busy, so updates shall be far and few between! these last few weeks have just been exceptionally hectic!
one of the things we were rather hectic with was William's birthday last weekend. hectic in a very, very good sense of course!

on the morning of his birthday William walked downstairs and remained rather oblivious to a considerable pile of presents. he is rather unassuming in that way. when his brother came trotting down the stairs, singing happy birthday, he did clock that they were for him!

as you would expect, James was ready, willing and very able to "help" William unwrap his presents!

after messing about with his new birthday toys for a while, it was ready to get ready for some special visitors. Dylan and my dear, beloved, please allow no harm to befall her mother-in-law came over for a spot of lunch.

after getting dressed, William decided the best way he could get things ready for the visitors was to test and try out every possible dangerous thing there was to do in the garden; be it climb up slides and jump off the top or turn swings into an obstacle course.

as Michele was busy pottering around in the kitchen and he was left under my guardianship, i figured i might as well just let him get on with it. what possible harm could befall him?

Dylan and my mother in law (see earlier praise) did indeed arrive, and if the truth be told we all had a wonderful time. so good, in fact, that i was a little sad when Monica said it was time for them to go. blimey, and it's not even Christmas.

never mind that, whilst they were at us we did have a splendid time. Dylan, James and William had a most splendid sword and light saber battle in the garden, for a start!

that the boys broke nothing in the house or garden, nor brought any harm upon themselves, was a most excellent bonus!

now then, what is a birthday without a birthday cake? as William really, really likes dark chocolate i got one of them gonouche (ganouche?) cakes.  it was a wise decision, as it turned out, as all and sundry loved it. William in particular, of course, but more on that just now. in the mean time, here is the cake!

and here is William blowing out the candle, possibly for the sixth or seventh time!

we eventually managed to persuade William that perhaps eating some of the cake would be even better than blowing out the candle again and again. this he more or less agreed to, which meant that subsequently everyone had a conventional, or if you will routine, slice of cake.

when he had finished his slice, William opted to have a second serving. this is fair enough, it was his birthday after all. however, he went for the rather less conventional way of getting some more.

yes, you are seeing right. William just shoved his hand right into the cake and helped himself to a handful of a slice!

i suppose i could have tried to stop him, or discourage him at the least, but then again why would i? his birthday, his cake and his way of doing things!

the important thing was, as you can truly see below, William really, really liked the cake!

well, what else can i say but that all and sundry had a simply wonderful day, hopefully William even more than the rest of us!

i promise to at least try and do a post or two over the weekend, so long as time allows!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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