Friday, December 21, 2012

the art of Spiros

hi there

yeah, starting off with the "sorry for lack of updates" thing again. just been too busy, sadly!

i did receive a delightful picture from my friend, nay, bum chum Spiros that warranted getting my act together and posting here. Spiros, when not being a Turkish Baths or Greek Hotel promoter, is quite proudly a patron of the visual arts.

his, for want of a better word, relationship with Willem Boshoff is quite well known about, of course. Spiros once arranged for me to have lunch with him which, at the expense of Standard Bank, was very nice indeed. beyond that, Spiros is celebrated in certain circles for his controversial 'Space' paintings, and indeed his manipulation of certain corporate profile pictures with unspecified liquids.

today, though, he has unleashed on the world a new work of art. he has delivered an impressive rendering of a picture in a Spur restaurant somewhere or other. the challenge was to do an exact copy of a picture presented to you, but Spiros seems to have let his creative juices get the better of him.

yes, the observant of you may have noticed,yes he has indeed handed this in with my name and phone number on it. i see i am also 9 years old.

i am not sure what exactly i will get if, by some miracle, i win, but i will be sure to share the details here. probably a balloon or similar.

yes, there will be retribution for Spiros for this. yes there will.

in the mean time,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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