Friday, December 07, 2012

clever marketing (at a cost)

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some of you may recall that a little while ago i reviewed a film anthology called V/H/S. if you cannot be bothered to click on the link there, the basics of my comment was that it was fairly hit and miss, with it overall not being (sadly) as awesome as the premise suggested. still worth a look.

despite the widespread availability of the film across the interwebnet (both legally and not so much legally), the film is for some reason only getting a release in the UK in January 2013. it is at the least getting a pretty good push for the release, with a most awesome poster for it.

on top of that, there's an excellent example of correct marketing tie-in for you with this release. V/H/S will be getting a limited (as in 300 only) edition release on.......VHS!

i am not sure that all that many people will rush for the £60.00 price listed on the cover, to be honest. that said, despite some indifference from me for the film, i am sorely tempted, as it just looks class!

details of how and when you can buy this, if you so wish to, will apparently be revealed on the V/H/S fan site in the not too distant future.

meanwhile, a sequel of sorts is already in production - S-VHS will be the name, by all accounts. i don't recall the "Super" VHS being too popular, so i suspect this marketing trick will not be repeated as and when that surfaces!

i suppose the prequels will be V2000 and Beta?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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