Monday, December 10, 2012

R60 at KFC

hi there

a Monday can be a most tricky thing to navigate, especially at verk. Trigger, however, found a pretty useful way to map out a course for it; a map reflecting a destination of KFC.

as a number of you will be quite aware, i really don't deal with menus or other such listings when it comes to KFC. i usually have a ponder on the matter and, in cases such as today, discuss with Trigger a set amount of coins of money that i would like to receive KFC to the net value of.

whereas i leaned more towards a R50 figure, Trigger argued - with some success - that R60 was an even better amount. his argument, if you are at all interested, was to simply state that R60 was a better amount.

and thus it came to pass that this was my lunch for today.

what does R60 get one for lunch from KFC? as it transpired, 2 of them "streetwise" burgers, a small issue of the celebrated sprinkle pops, 3 (three) fine pieces of The Colonel's finest fried chicken and a reasonable amount of chips.

it was bloody hard work getting through that lot, i can tell you, but i did it.

hope you all had an excellent lunch and an outstanding Monday!

many thanks indeed to Trigger for the guidance.

be excellent to each other!
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