Tuesday, December 01, 2009

construction time again or, if you will, cot-building

hey everyone

well, some of my regular readers (for i believe there are a few - thank you and bless you) will be logging on expecting to see some baby pictures. patience, baby is now a mere 12 (or so) hours away!

in the mean time, here's some images of us putting together our lovely cot from New Zealand, or if you will our "bassinet" from New Zealand. that's some poncy name that Michele and Gillian call it, as well as it being its proper name according to the box.

thank you very much indeed Mum & Gillian for buying this for us - i presume the fact that it would be me putting it together led to you selecting a more simpler to put together model?

yes, indeed that is James helping me by means of reading one of his many books. it didn't actually contain any information pertaining to constructing a cot as such, but it was of some benefit all the same.

i did have a look at the instructions anyway, as you can see.

some magic moments later, one of which was James deciding that putting his Darth Vader outfit on would help, and the cot was constructed. James was very taken with it - almost as taken with it as he is with the notion that soon his baby brother shall be with us!

and here's a picture that Michele has approved of and endorsed appearing here. yes, reader, she is rather big and very much ready to deliver!!

as baby brother is not here yet but the cot is, James took it upon himself, as is his way, to improvise a touch and populate the cot ("bassinet") with some of his favourite toys....

well, there you go. unless something occurs to me in the middle of the night, the next post should be after baby has arrived - with some luck there will be pictures (this is dependent on me remembering to charge the batteries and take the camera. and charged batteries) and a name for those of you yet to work it out.....

please, kind people, hold us in your good thoughts!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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