Wednesday, December 30, 2009

five years later

hey there

well, as this is what might be my last post of the year (decade, if you will), i notice that it's five years ago today that i started this blog off!

thanks very much indeed to the regular and irregular visitors who stop by and read my news and musings; much appreciated!

to mark this anniversary, i thought why not go back even further and post some of the splendid pictures my Dad has recently scanned for a brilliant photo show film he created in November.

first up and here's a picture of me with my Great-Grandfather, Robert Chapman. if i am right, it is from him that we carry on the name Robert in the family.

and, going on the couch, here's a picture from the same time with my Great-Grandfather Jock Harland.

now then, if the clothes and style of the pictures above look very much like the splendid series Life On Mars, that's probably due to the fact that i was born in the year the series (or most of it, at the least) was set!

and finally, a pic of me in my early years.

it's rather rare that i like pics of myself from anytime (well, who likes looking at themselves?), but the above one is one that i think is rather cool!

many thanks again for all the class pics you scanned, Dad! there are about a thousand or so more, i am sure one or two will feature here in the future!

right then, unless i get inspired to write something else tomorrow, that's about your lot for this year. if you celebrate the dawn of the next year (we shall probably be in bed long before midnight), have fun, be safe and behave!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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