Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bouncy Bouncy Builders

hey everyone

well, i am really tired and it's going to be a busy day tomorrow, so i should be in bed. however, Dad asked for an update of tonight's activities as soon as possible, and after all his hard work and effort who am i to not do it now?

it would seem that, amongst other things, Father Christmas (via way of Grandma and Grandad) has brought James (and eventually William!) a rather smart trampoline for Christmas. Erika, bless her, thought that i might be able to build it myself. Richard and Dad, being somewhat wise to the ways in which i cannot do any DIY stuff properly, were over tonight to "help" build it.

now, when i say they helped, they pretty much did everything. it was safer that i stood just slightly out of the way and held certain things to pass them as and when they needed them.

it's not that i didn't do anything. far from it - Richard and Dad were unanimous in saying that i was the best person to do the all important job of putting the caps on the bolts on the legs of it.

actually, as it happens, i put the bolt covers on, took them off and put them back on again when the net around it needed some adjusting. i would have got them on a good deal faster the second time, as i was primed and ready, only Richard said that he would probably punch me in the face if i didn't stop bothering him with the caps whilst he tightened the bolts.

don't worry, no conflict as i decided not to hover over Richard and his spanner with the caps! and i am really rather proud of how the three of us got it all up OK!

now then, Richard and i have held discussions on what we think our Dad's inevitable mid-life crisis might involve. we have usually considered that it will feature bermuda style shorts, possibly a Harley and most likely a convertible. not for one minute did we ever suspect that it would involve sewing, but as he was most insistent that he sew all the netting himself, well, there you go.

in yet another of his well, hello sailors! moments, here is Dad grabbing hold of an absolutely massive pole after finishing off all his lovely stitching.

you will notice that he colour coordinated all the poles too...........

many thanks for coming over and putting all of this together, Dad and Richard! it would have been a right mess if left to me!

well, wherever you are in the world, have a very Merry Christmas indeed!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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