Saturday, November 28, 2009

twenty glimpses of New Zealand.....

....taken from some two thousand (give or take 1700) sent by my Dad!

well, the kind folk of New Zealand have been kind enough to allow some images of their fair country to be sent on to my mail address, and thus i am obliged, indeed compelled, to share some of the pictures with you all. it has been rather tricky cutting down the number of pics to a reasonable amount to post here (complaints? set your own site up, Dad!), but i think i have got some of the finer moments; if you allow for the crash helmet ride thing posts from earlier.

starting off with one likely to get me into trouble, well, as we have seen in other pictures, my Dad has a rather good knack of attracting the attention of men who are good with colours, and indeed jump over puddles. if he wishes to discourage this sort of thing, he may want to refrain from engaging in certain Elton John activities like this.....

....let's hope no one waved and said "coo-eee" to him!

to get the majority of my likely-to-cause-trouble comments out the way, well, just for the gentlemen who take a shine to my Dad, here he is proudly standing and showing off an absolutely massive eruption.

as a sister of mine, who shall remain anonymous (you can thank me for protecting your identity Gillian), goes and puts her moody boots on when i get the names of places in New Zealand wrong, i am obliged to tell you that i think the above was taken at a place called 'Whakarewerewa Thermal Village'. i'm no scientist or owt, but isn't "thermal" what they make those missiles out of? a rather strange thing to construct a village from, if you ask me, but you didn't.

now then, despite my lack of official scientific credentials, here's photographic evidence that some things do indeed remain as a constant throughout the universe.

i cannot add to the above, really.

moving on, and of course Daniel and Katie get very excited when Grandma and Grandad arrive in town. there are many reasons for this, but looking at Daniel & Katie's expression, i would suggest one close to the top of the list of reasons for the excitement is that "Grandad always gives us beer".

i imagine as he is reading this Dad is proclaiming some sort of innocence and suggesting someone else gave them it. leaving that aside, another great thing of having Grandad in particular around is that you get to dig up and bury a whole range of things.

nice one, good to see Dad being such a good sport about exactly what was being buried here. i have no doubt that one can get sand out of a notebook laptop netbook thingie. eventually....

ah, now then, there's being cool, there's being super-cool, there's being sub-zero, there's being Ian Brown and then there's being Daniel!

what can i say? an excellent, excellent outfit!

New Zealand are famous for their sheep, of course. they have millions of them, possibly running wild and certainly at the least running whenever Grant happens to [TEXT OBSCURED ON LEGAL ADVICE]. with so many sheep it must be a particularly extraordinary sheep to stand out from the, erm, herd or pack - oh, it's flock, isn't it, in any sense, let alone be so special that the sheep has a statute but in its honour.

whatever New Zealand have in sheep it would seem that they lack in postal staff. not sure why they included this pic for me - perhaps they were inspired by my various discoveries of miracles of the Post Office here, or maybe they think i should fly over and do it?

being a Postie sounds like an ace job, really. at least i would make sure that things got delivered to people!

now then, behold a trilogy of trampoline pictures! the Farnworth family would appear to consider a garden as no more than a location for a massive trampoline, and who are we to argue?

Daniel and Katie would appear not to argue as such, but all the same would certainly seem to consider Grandad placed on top of a trampoline as being a better bouncing facility than just the standard trampoline!

and, looking at this shot of Grant giving it some, one can only assume that shepherds have taken to putting really large (tall?) fences around their cherished flocks, look at the height he can jump!

Grandad's can always be counted on to teach you things that you had never really considered before. like, for instance, a trampoline is all very well for playing on and having fun, but it is also a great location for a nice afternoon nap!

there wasn't in the thousands of images all that many of everyone at once - in fact, there was only the one that i recall, and that one is the one i present here. i think it's them all on one of those "sky car" things, taking them up that mountain where Grandad will shove helmets on them all and shove them down the hill in the snow-free sledge thingie.

ah, see - they did get most of the sand out of Grandad's laptop notebook thingamajig! here he is showing Katie and Daniel how, thanks to the marvels of modern technology, you can place a wager and see how rubbish Middlesbrough are doing from any point in the world!

oh go on then ladies, here's Grant doing one of those "poses" you usually see gents doing on those more peculiar social interwebnet site thingies......

...if only sheep could access the world wide web. moving on, and as has been mentioned before, Mum & Dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary whilst in the fine and fair land of New Zealand. nice one, looks like a lovely time!

and, to mark the occasion, off they went for a nice dinner. Mum of course always looks good; it is with sheer, unbridled delight that i note that Dad decided not to go out in a shirt that he had spilled his breakfast and lunch all over!

next up is Dad helping Katie with a present he selected and took over for her. James and i had the pleasure of being there as Dad just randomly grabbed something off the shelf and said "she will like this". we asked if he was sure, and he said yes. in fairness, Katie does appear to love it, but i am not at all sure Dad is ready for the extra amount of gentlemen he will attract to himself by having purple beads in his hair....

as well as Mum & Dad's anniversary, the last month has also seen Katie turn 4. now, we knew on this side what they were getting for her as a present, but Katie was not sure. owing to the insanely brilliant, internationally renowned wrapping skills of Gillian and Grant, i am sure Katie was completely thrown of the scent of the notion that a lovely new bicycle awaited her....

and, if i may be so bold, may i say what a nice touch it was to use absolutely every different type of style and design of wrapping paper available in New Zealand. did that help to maintain the element of surprise?

blimey, how many pictures have i put here? pressing on, and to balance out the image of Grant, here's one of Gillian, apparently caught unaware that anyone was near with a camera....

and finally, one of Daniel getting ready to go off and perform the trick or treat rituals of Halloween. now, in years to come, he will claim that his sister made him dress like this....

good luck, hope people buy that story!

well, i think that will do for current pics from New Zealand for now, readers. i dare say i have managed to miss out all the ones that my Dad liked the most, as in the ones where he isn't prancing about on a tennis court or has purple things in his hair. if it looks like it will make for an easier Christmas i shall certainly put some more pics of his nomination up; otherwise that's yer lot....

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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