Monday, December 21, 2009

let me put you in the picture, let me show you what i mean.....

hey everyone

well, those of you with an eye for quality song lyrics will know that the above title can be but one thing - a reference to my dear sister, Gillian. as it is the occasion of her birthday, it be only fitting and right that i pay homage to her here with some splendid pictures. it might, in some small way, make up for the fact that i have used a song lyric by The Stone Roses to mark her birthday - for some reason she does not appreciate the band in the correct way, which is to say not at all.

i am not allowed to say how old she is, by the way. she might not have been born in the decade that she has led Grant to believe she was, as it happens, so i shall leave that there.

and speaking of Grant, let's start off with a splendid pic of the effort we all went to with clothes and that on the day Gillian married Grant.

whereas Mum, Dad & Gillian always look good, Gillian looked particularly stunning this day, and Richard & i agreed (in principal) to look smart(ish) and keep our shirts in our pants for the duration of the ceremony. once we were allowed access to alcohol, however, all bets were off, really.

going back in time, and these pics are entirely random, let us look at the days when Gillian showed off that she "never, ever" had what is colloquially referred to as "big hair".

trying to just skip over that one, many of us (your narrator included) were impressed with Heath Ledger's portrayal of "The Joker" in the recent Dark Knight movie. what a lot of people didn't know, in my best Michael Caine writing, is that he ripped off the look from my sister, as you can see below!

influencing the look of that much celebrated film was but one of many brushes with fame for Gillian. long before the art of match fixing became as fashionable as it apparently is now, Gillian had no qualms whatsoever in greasing the palms of officials to ensure a good result.

in the above instance, i would imagine Gillian slipped the ref a few coins, probably left over from the purchase of a Five Star album, in the hope that he would ensure that Middlesbrough would lose "by no more than 4". nice work.

now, going back to more or less the start, here's a picture of Gillian at home with us all, probably early (year obscured so as not to worry Grant).

now, if Grant was a fashion man (ie if he wore things for reasons other than they had 'Sharks' written on them, that is) he might wonder why there was such a 70s feel to the picture with Gillian as a baby going on the year he has been led to believe Gillian was born. ho hum, he won't notice so there you go.

oh, go on then, here's another fine pic of Gillian just by herself, looking as lovely then as she does now!

Gillian has always had a love of travel, really. i mean, yeah, sure, now she settles for the set of The Lord Of The Rings, but it wasn't always like that. once upon a time she when to the much-vaunted locations around the world. like, for instance, Rhyl in North Wales.

and then there was that place next to where she is now, the land that the Manic Street Preachers wrote a song about.

yep, that would be Uncle Colin in the picture with us! my apologies, by the way, if my awesome socks distract from Gillian in the above pic.

also, if required, an apology for the next picture - the eye magnet that is Grant might distract you all from how truly beautiful Gillian looked on her wedding day....

...but then Gillian always looks good at weddings, like for instance when she was one of the bridesmaids for Colin & Angela's wedding, way back in a year i can't mention in case Grant is sat reading this with his calculator. which is more likely than you think, to be honest.

and finally, here we go with two of the more important pictures. firstly, Gillian has always been a great believer in "slumming it". one of her favourite partners for slumming it is our dear Auntie Susan. here are the two of them well and truly having a hard time at one of those day spa pamper fluffy things.

and finally, Gillian in the present day, with the three most important people in her life.

well, three most important people that were never ever members of The Stone Roses, at least!

what can i say other than, once again, a very happy birthday, dear sister. hope you've had a most splendid day (except for it involving going to verk, of course!), and you never know, we might one day all be together again to celebrate!!

be very excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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