Friday, December 18, 2009

some new William pictures

hey everyone

well, as sort of promised in my last post, here's a few new pictures of William at home with us! my apologies to those logging in to see updates and finding none; it's really just the case that we have not as yet gone "camera happy" with him as such!

here's one of William chilling / winding with me yesterday afternoon, as i took a break from reconstructing my Dad's old stereo to allow my dear sister to get some new tapes for her car in New Zealand, and William takes a break from sleeping and eating!

and here's William chilling on the very excellent play mat / mobile that Uncle Chris very kindly bought for James some four years ago!

William is not quite big enough yet to play on it and appreciate it as much as intended, but he's getting there. James loved laying on it when he was just a baby, and as you can see he loves it all the more now that he can share it with his brother!

as for how young William is doing at home with us, i would have to say for the most part so far so good. he's getting into a relatively decent sleeping pattern, with just the odd night here and there seeing him a bit restless. and day too, now that i think about it!

we all hope that all is well wherever you may be in the world!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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