Saturday, December 05, 2009


hey everyone

well, i am delighted to update that Michele and William are now back home. ahem, Michele is back home, rather - William is now here living with us!!

whereas Mummy is thrilled to be home and Daddy is certainly glad that we are all under the one roof, how do the important ones, James and William, feel about it? see for yourself!

James, as the picture says, is thrilled to have William home with us! and indeed he's glad to have Mummy too, since William can't quite play ace Star Wars games with him just yet!

considering James is usually rather camera shy, it speaks volumes that for the next two it was James who suggested that i go and get the camera. and yes, before you worry, Michele's arm was firmly behind William's head!

now then, when James and William do something their father hasn't quite done properly (grow up, that would be), they are rather welcome to do as they wish. i would of course prefer if they pursued a career which led to them featuring in the Ashes, but that's up to them.

if, however, they start a mega-successful rock band only to start arguing with each other and breaking guitars in, of all places, the home of cheats, Paris France, i think i will show them this next picture.

right, well, i guess Michele & i are on those three hour sleep shifts for the next few nights going on William's feeding habits at the moment! updates may very well be tired and scarce for a few days as we work out a routine!

be very excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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