Wednesday, December 02, 2009

William Norman Stanley

hey everyone

well, a flying update - i am on a quick "shower break" from the clinic, but with so many wanting to see pictures, here he is!!

William Norman Stanley, born at 8:50am today, weighing in at 3.58kgs and measuring 52cm.

baby is, in the words of the doctors and nurses, "exceptionally healthy", passing all tests, results and what have you with ease. he's probably ready to go home, but better to be safe!!

Mummy is recovering fine - she's looking forward to being able to walk around again soon!

as for baby's name, i am sure many of you worked out his first name from the clues i left all over the site - quotes from William Shakespeare and William Blake, not to mention a line from The Smiths single William, It Was Really Nothing. James picked the name, and the middle names are of my two dear Grandfathers. yes, the two middle names also mean that his Uncle Richard and Grandad are calling him "Fletch"!

and speaking of James, he is absolutely over the moon to have his baby brother here at last. many thanks to Grandad for capturing the below picture!

well, time for me to hit the shower and get back up to the clinic for a couple of hours before trying to get some sleep. before i go, though, one last pic for now!!!

be very excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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