Saturday, December 26, 2009

scenes from Christmas in New Zealand

hey everyone

well, what do you know, our dear family in New Zealand sent many pictures from their Christmas Day celebrations. how many? more than our Dad has mailed off, which is something of an achievement!

i shall only be putting a few of them up here, mind - Grant or Gillian can always set up their own email, or protest to me to put more up, if they wish to have more images up here!

first off and here's Grant with another of those bizarre rituals he seems to have come up with and implemented whilst being in New Zealand. this one, unless i am missing something here, at least does not feature sheep or any sheep-related activities!

i may be being a little mean to Grant here, as "take kids to a body of water and chuck them in it to celebrate Christmas" does tend to suggest that it has my sister's thinking behind it. never mind, they seem to be enjoying it!

and, on the subject of enjoying, it seems that Katie really, really likes Christmas dinner!

and who could blame her? it does look rather yummy, if just not as yummy as the magnificent steak Erika did for me!

now then, this picture of Daniel comes with one of those priceless stories....

as far as Gillian and Grant can work out, Daniel clearly wanted some more magic Christmas time, so got up and out of his room after bedtime. however, his energy and enthusiasm wasn't as great as he had hoped, and thus he had just dropped down to the ground and gone back to sleep a few steps out of his room!

never mind Daniel, just falling down and sleeping where you land is a not uncommon occurrence on Mummy's side of the family!

and finally, as hinted at in the other update, the famous, celebrated and lovely annual Christmas self-taken picture of the whole Farnworth clan!

thanks very much for the pictures!!!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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