Friday, September 08, 2017

the sea refuses no river


and so on to some more pictures of our most recent road trip, look you see, or if you like images from a time away on holiday. this will, as was the case with my last post, be more of Blackpool, then. in the interests of fairness, to be sure, i shall not include in this one any further looks at me. full well is it that i appreciate that the world has seen more than enough of me as it is already.

having looked at the pictures i am about to add here it is not, alas, like you can see all that much of the 75% of my family who you prefer to me. several backs of heads shots are to come, but no matter, every now  and then a face pops up.

presumably you would not need me to say so, but to confirm then indeed yes, the above is the family taking socks and shoes off so as they may enter the beach and sea area with no fear of getting the items mentioned wet.

indeed, the weather was not what one would traditionally call "beach ready". it wasn't such a bad day, but then again it was not one which basked in glorious sun. perhaps this is no bad thing, for it meant we pretty much had the beach of Blackpool all to ourselves.

me? no. i felt it best to have one of us remain land based, so as to hold on to the items of quality footwear none wished to be wet. also, i have i believe taken something of an unspoken, internalised and very private vow that i shall be happy if the next sea i enter is the Aegean. i would wager, however, that i end up in one closer to home first.

that sea which is closer to home is of course the tropics of The North Sea. you know, the sort of icy one; the one Billy Connolly once famously defined as "being just around the corner from the Arctic".

here, or for the pedantic then, in Blackpool it was The Irish Sea that we saw. this was one of the main motivating factors in my suggestion to my (considerably) better half that we visit the place. not to see The Irish Sea as such specifically, but rather the novelty of being able to say that they'd all stood by, or indeed in, a different sea.

memories, to be sure, are carved from such. perhaps in the present time it means not too much to the boys that they've seen a different sea, for all look more or less the same at that age. as the years go by, though, maybe they shall look back fondly on their youth and note that they saw a quite different place. or, well, they might not. we've given them either choice in a real rather than theoretical sense.

and how did the boys find The Irish Sea? no, not in the sense of "found" find, but the experience. as a general comment they mentioned that it felt warmer than The North Sea, but not all that much warmer. some geographical or geological element then, presumably, ensure its temperature is not so swayed by the Arctic as The North Sea. maybe it has something to do with the Atlantic, i don't know. i only got a "D" in Geography during my time as a student, and that was a fair while ago.

going on where we are at and not where we are from, can you see Ireland from Blackpool when you look across The Irish Sea? not so far as I am aware. to my knowledge it's some 300 miles across, or somewhere just around 220km, metric fans. should one gaze in a north west esque direction from Blackpool then it is, i suppose, possible that one might be able to see the Isle of Man. if you had better eyes than what i have.

indeed yes, as pictures such as the one above indicate, the three of them did rather enjoy experiencing The Irish Sea. so, who knows, maybe my idea mentioned above will hold true in the years to come.

referencing that thing i mentioned earlier - no, the other thing - it is of course something of a shame that one cannot, so far as i am aware, see Ireland off of the coast of Blackpool with the naked eye alone. unless your naked eye is a good deal better than mine, which in fairness is quite likely.

one really doesn't wish to sound all flash or showy offy, in particular when like me you have so little to show off, but still. a truth remains a truth. as it happen, more by default than design, i happen to have a good working relationship with someone stationed in Ireland - specifically a place what has a name that starts with a "B" or similar - in an ambassadorial capacity.

i really can't help but think it would have been jolly splendid if i could have waved at him from the side of The Irish Sea we were on, and he would have somehow seen it. no matter. whilst i did give a little wave in regard of this notion, just in case, i would imagine that he would have been far too busy being engaged in ambassadorial matters to have noted it or responded.

yes, much of the text here has descended into waffle, and exists purely to punctuate the pictures. no doubt family and friends are here for the pictures alone anyway, but still, i like to write some things around it, on the off chance someone wishes to read it.

but that shall do that for the writing, and nearly the post entire.

there are more pictures and stories from our recent trip, but one can't have it all at once. actually you probably could if i did it that way. i am not going to, though. so, thanks for reading, and until the next time,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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