Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boro at Wembley

hi everyone

well, Mum and Dad are on their travels again. Patience, patience - i know this means the yearly instance of my Dad befriending a bunch of sailors, but i have not received any pictures of that leg of their tour. yet.

in the mean time, they have taken one of those rather rare trips for us lot from Middlesbrough, that daunting and inspiring journey that is the home of football, Wembley!

they went just before a certain tournament was about to conclude, so for those with an interest in it here is the trophy!

i am not sure that Dad should have been allowed to get that close to it, but never mind he got the picture and much more on that later!

visiting the dressing room is allowed on the tour, i am sure, so long as John Terry isn't busy [text removed to avoid a super injunction thing] or for that matter [name removed], [name removed], Wayne Rooney or even [name removed]. and yes, possibly all at the same time too.

there is at least, thankfully, no chance of my Mum getting up to any sort of the things not mentioned above - certainly not whilst Gary Pallister no longer plays for England, at the least!

moving on very swiftly as i have no wish to hear from lawyers, here's Dad showing off the kind of hat you wound imagine Big Mal would wear for such an occasion, although i suspect he would not have been wearing shorts.

now then, i would be pretty sure in thinking that sitting down at the official press conference table and pretending to be the England manager is not a usual part of the Wembley tour, but off my Dad went to do it anyway. he's not the easiest chap to stop when he has a bee in his bonnet, you know.

anyone wishing to know what press conferences would have been like if Cloughie had (rightly) ever been given the top job, well, look no further than the picture above.

whether Cloughie, Big Mal or any manager who has graced Wembley would have worn the same shoes as my Dad insists on wearing all the time, however, is debatable.

nice one Mum and Dad, many thanks for the pictures!

regular readers of this blog shall be all too aware that, sure as sunlight follows night, there will be several thousand more pictures from Dad. the best of them will no doubt feature here (yes, including any and all of my Dad embracing gentlemen who prefer the sailors' life) just as soon as i have them!

in the mean time, then,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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