Tuesday, May 10, 2011

double down reaches New Zealand

hey everyone

well, it's not that often that my dear brother-in-law sends me a mail or message, but on those instances when he does you can usually expect it to be something of exceptional importance and significance. the mail i received from him tody certainly meets that criteria.

New Zealand, that place of forward thinking and quality people, have apparently been protesting and complaining that the KFC stores in their fair and fine land have not sold The Colonel's latest invetion, the most excellent looking Double Down burger. their voices have been heard, and thus it has come to pass that the people of New Zealand can now purchase what is possibly the greatest burger in history.

i say possibly only as, alas, i have not been able to have one, and it looks increasingly ulikely that i shall. the KFC stores here are determined to be halaal, and thus we get absolutely zero items from them (or the inferior McDonalds) that feature bacon. ho hum, at least New Zealand is a place where KFC addresses the tastes and wishes of all their clients!

Grant is going to try one this weekend, and i certainly hope he takes some photographs. and then remembers to send them on. his view at the moment is that it's highly unlikely that he shall be able to manage eating more than one, but i bet that view changes very quickly!

the more regular readers of my blog will recall that i celebrated the dawn of the era of this burger last year. i really do think i need to get to a country where one can purchase this magnificent beast freely!

i will keep you as updated as Grant keeps me updated in respect of his progress!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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