Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the joys of trying to support Liam continue....

hey everyone

well, as previous posts surely testify, i really rather like Beady Eye, and indeed i prefer to purchase music rather than "obtain" it. these two, it seems, are destined not to go together.

Beady Eye have released a third single, Millionaire. this comes on the back of poor debut Bring The Light which (and it's important to remember this bit) got to 61 in the sales chart despite also being given away as a free download, and the much better single The Roller which charted at 31.

Liam said that the "poor" chart position of the second single was a "wake up call". well, as i and several others pointed out, it might have charted higher if you could actually have bought it. Liam and the band, in their infinite wisdom, decided to make it a very, very limited edition physical release single, and thus it was all but impossible for it to have got higher in the chart than it did.

you would have thought, then, that for the next single that they would have clocked that having an actual product to sell would make sales better. alas, such wisdom did not descend on the band, and this is what you got on the Beady Eye website, the only place you can / could purchase the single from, on the day of release

wow, sold out on day of release! must have got quite high in the chart, then? no. according to the official sales chart, it has reached 71 and is not likely to get any higher by the full chart proper coming out this Sunday.

brilliant work, lads. if they or the record label thought that "legal download sales" would help it out, well, no it seems not. the fanbase for Beady Eye are the last of us that like having an actual proper record in our hands and on our stereo, not some compressed data file on a memory stick.

Beady Eye are a good band, and certainly better than anyone expected them to turn out. there's a fan base willing to get them in the charts and spread their sound further, but alas the band and the record label seem to be rather stubborn in their stand against this.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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