Tuesday, May 24, 2011

influencing officials

hi everyone

well, let's start with the obligatory "sorry for the delay between updates" apology, shall we? not entirely my fault as it happens - i have been somewhat busy, but when i have tried to log on here to update over the last few days i have received a "site down" message.

as for what i have been trying to update here with over the last week or so, well, lots of pictures really. yes, nautical fans, some of my Dad doing his "hello sailors" thing, but not right now. i thought i should rather start with some more subtle ones!

like, for instance, this one of my Mum. it's rather impressive that she's trying to win favour with a well known Premier League official, but rather pointless when Middlesbrough do not look like troubling that league any time soon!

i am sure Mark Halsey wouldn't be unduly influenced anyway, he does have a reputation for being one of the best. and it's not like Middlesbrough often get into situations where a ref could give them some sort of benefit anyway.

if you are unaware of exactly how remarkable and well liked & respected Mr Halsey is in the world, then you really need to read this interview for a start.

more updates "soon"!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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