Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises (in India)

hey everyone

a site which has a good track record of getting the proverbial "scoop" on the more comic book related films has run some pictures which seem to have been confirmed as being of the set for The Dark Knight Rises. this would of course be the third "Batman" film to be made by Christopher Nolan.

and just how revealing or interesting are the pictures? well, to me not really, but to the "fanboy" brigade apparently they are rather revealing. here's the main one which seems to have everyone all excited.

erm, yes. to me that's not much of anything. the "pool", apparently covered with a "special effects to be added later" green screen, has caused some excitement. apparently, and i have no idea if this is a spoiler or not, this is evidence that something called 'The Lazarus Pit', a body of water (presumably) with regenerative powers, shall feature in the film.

hmn. i'm not convinced that, after two films in which gritty realism rather than fan or comic wishes have taken the centre stage, Christopher Nolan is all of a sudden going to introduce supernatural / super power phenomena into his take on the whole Batman concept, but you never know.

as for the people next to this unspecified pool / land mass, well, your guess is as good as mine as to who they are or what they are doing. the picture isn't of a quality that i can enlarge it much, but here is that part of it on its own if you think you can detect anything.

well, there you go. i trust that the above has not sounded too negative. i mean, believe me, i am just as keen to see this film as the rest of the world who were rather impressed with both Batman Begins and of course The Dark Knight. it's just that, well, how excited can you get about pictures like this?

meanwhile, there are various places all over the internet which claim to have the plot details and what have you for the film. these reports are, in the words of the director himself, nonsense. whereas some people get all excited about revealing details "first", Mr Nolan has wisely thrown a great deal of secrecy around the project. to this end, the third act of The Dark Knight Rises does not actually exist in a physical form as such, with the director instead opting to give script and acting details verbally to those invovled as and when the time comes.

in Nolan, as the film fans say, we trust.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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