Sunday, May 15, 2011

the crowning moment of awesomeness for my brother-in-law Grant

hey everyone

well, whatever you did at the weekend can only be seen, much like mine, as a total and abject failure in the light of how Grant spent his in New Zealand! Grant has achieved legendary status as far as i am concerned, for he has tasted that most awesome of kfc food items, the infamous and celebrated Double Down burger.

as well as his insights into this majestic burger, he has sent along some pictures which give insights into the world of kfc in New Zealand.

here are Grant and Daniel apparently walking through the drive through section of their nearest kfc. how cool is it that in New Zealand you can walk through it?

i am not sure if Katie simply couldn't be bothered to go in to the kfc, or if New Zealand has an excellent law in place that means there's a strict quota on the number of women allowed in, but here she is outside!

ordering kfc at a New Zealand branch seems to be a bit different too. i tend to just give Trigger "x" amount of money and expect "x" amount of kfc in return. as Trigger is not in New Zealand to do this, although he is visiting that fine land soon (sooner, probably, when he sees that the Double Down is there now). in the mean time, then, it seems that you just point at a large-ish card showing what you want to eat.....

....and the next thing you know a nice chap in the uniform of The Colonel brings whatever you pointed at along for you!

Grant apparently pointed at several things, for he was given more than just a Double Down burger!

and here, my Lords, ladies and gentlemen, is the crowning moment of awesomeness for Grant!

and what is it like? well, over to Grant for a direct quote that came with these pictures :

Verdict - very good, would have it again.

so there you have it! excellent! as previously discussed it will never be sold in my part of the world due to the awesome and excellent inclusion of bacon, which is a very great shame indeed. one day, though, i shall venture to a part of the world which sells them!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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