Tuesday, May 24, 2011

camera fun

hey everyone

in showing off his unpredictable streak, the frequently camera shy James decided that he wanted us to try and take a family picture yesterday afternoon. the request was as unusual as it was welcome, and thus we decided to give it a go.

now, we don't do any sort of "fancy" things like use the timer or tripod for the camera as they do in New Zealand, instead opting for me to just hold the camera at arms' length, then click and hope for the best. i draw your attention to this so that the quality of the images below doesn't come as a complete shock to you!

here we go with one attempt, then.......

erm, yes. the reluctance of James and William to remain still and looking the same way for at least a second also does not help in our efforts to try and take pictures like this!

whereas some nice, "proper" posed family portraits of us would probably be a good idea at some point, i do really rather like these more fun ones. it kind of reflects the madcap goings on in our home a bit better!

and here's a last one of our efforts, with James showing off the gap where his big tooth should be coming through, not to forget William just popping up at the bottom of the picture!

somewhat predictably James got a touch bored of trying to get a decent-ish family pose, and wanted to rather take pictures himself. whereas i am not going to put here the 50 or so close ups of his toys that he took, here are two he took of "the rest of his family" or as he says "all of his family except me".

first off, here's William.

if you are wondering about the look on William's face, it's somewhat related to the fact that James took this whilst William was trying to watch one of his favourite shows, the magnificent Gigglebiz. i don't think he was as happy as he could be at being distracted from it!

James also took pictures of his Mummy and Daddy. here's one in which i looks just about almost half decent; my lovely wife of course looking as beautiful as ever!

and, now that i have had a look, it seems that i do not have the pics of Dad doing his sailor thing here with me at verk, so this is probably the last update for today! will try and put some more up soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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