Wednesday, February 02, 2011

a sunny/rainy day out

hey everyone

well, as promised a week (or so) ago, here are some pics from an afternoon out at the wonderful Lory Park Zoo. as it looked like being a rather sunny day so we decided to take a trip over. however, rain bucketed down for a bit whilst we were there, which at least allowed us to take some cover and try and get some pictures!

William seems to be enjoying going over to walk around and see the lions and tigers almost as much as James. i say seems as it is difficult to tell - as long as a place has things to eat and things to grab, he seems happy enough to be there!

of course, having Mummy around too is also a bonus!

and it's not like Daddy is unpopular with him or James!

and as for James, as ever he loved watching all the lions and tigers "playing". he he is watching a lovely white lion cub taking a bit of a break.

i do have some more pics, in particular of the beautiful white tigers "playing" with the white lion cub above, but for some reason i am getting something called a 'diagnostic error' when i try and put them up. oh well, shall have another go later on!

a lovely day out, then, despite the brief burst of rain we experienced. it wasn't too bad, though - we got some cover, and James eventually found it pretty cool indeed that we could be outside in the rain and yet not be wet!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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