Sunday, February 06, 2011

the pictures i said that i would try later to post.....

hi everyone

well, Michele was taking the time to read my blog and pointed out to me that i had not, by that point, gotten around to putting the further pictures of our zoo adventure up that i had undertaken to try and do. those of you blessed with a wife are probably all too aware of how it's a good idea to do anything they "suggest", so here we go!

first off, here is one of the magnificent white tigers currently at Lory Park zoo. he or she almost looks like they are just taking a break until you notice that the mouth is open enough to be ready to have a go....

and here's the beautiful white lion cub!

the more observant of you might be able to spot one of the white tigers in the above picture, getting ready to "play".

if not, here is a glimpse of what playing between two white tigers involves!

and here's two of their delightful "regular" Siberian tigers, having a little look around....

as you can see, you can get rather close to them!

if William had the chance, mind, he'd get really rather close to these two, as they were his favourites!

and here you go finally with a rather large reptile!!

righty-ho, back to the rest of my Sunday!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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