Monday, February 21, 2011

Grandma's new camera

hey everyone

as a birthday present Grandma got her very own camera off Grandad. you feel this gift was partly because Grandma wanted something she could just fit in a bag and take the odd snap with rather than using one of Grandad's elaborate, Hubble telescope size things, but mostly so that Grandma can take whatever pictures she likes without hearing "they're all blurry, you are doing it wrong".

whereas it really isn't for me to comment on Grandad's view that every picture in the universe not taken by him is blurred, here are some of the pics that Grandma has taken thus far which strike me as being somewhat blur-free, really!

first off, and who else but James, doing something very, very interesting indeed....

there are many, many fine reasons that James loves going to visit Grandma and Grandad. high on the list, of course, is that he is allowed into Grandad's Jag whereas Daddy isn't. close to that, though, is that Grandma has an impressive range of freezers, matched by her apparent willingness to let James fill as many vessels as he cares to find and shove them in the freezer.

that, i think, is the fault of George Lucas. in The Empire Strikes Back and, more specifically, the Lego Star Wars game, James thinks that Han Solo frozen in the carbonite is the best thing ever in the history of history. who are we to argue with such a valid point?

William is learning to take a shine to visiting Grandma and Grandad too, even though he hasn't quite mastered the fine art of freezing stuff at random. he does, however, quite like the idea that Grandma and Grandad have many, many fine surfaces, such as tables, upon which he can do a little dance and have a walk around.

William is also, with deep thanks to the Reverend Charles Kingsley, developing into quite the water baby. once he gets into the water it is rather difficult to get him back out!

he's a touch different from his big brother in this regard, really. James quite likes the idea of this water and swimming business, but really doesn't like getting all that wet. if James' time of interest can be measured in minutes, it would be hours for William, as it were.

still, all and sundry enjoy it when we are all in the pool at once, if you will excuse the appearance of a less handsome chap with a beard in the picture below.

i suppose my presence in the picture just underlines how beautiful the other three are!

i have no doubt that more pictures will follow from Grandma's class new camera in the goodness of time!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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