Wednesday, February 09, 2011

my ride - pimped

hey everyone

well, a few updates featuring your humble narrator are on the way. well, two i suppose, and for the most part they feature people more interesting than me. Gillian has sent some very interesting items to me from New Zealand, and thankfully my personal photographer, Trigger, has been on hand to capture a visual slice of some of these items.

my sister knows that not only do i have some rather (usually self-created) bad luck with drving, i really am loathe to take to the wheel too. however, life down here means you have little choice but to drive. Gillian has taken it upon herself to make it all the more bearable for me by providing a number of items to "beautify" my car with, or if you will "pimp my ride", which i am led to believe is the phrase that 'the kids' use these days.

the most significant item of these would perhaps be the 100% genuine sheepskin steering wheel cover.

magnificent, is it not? apparently, it keeps the wheel cool in summer, warm in winter, what a remarkable use for a sheepskin, then!

i think it looks absolutely magnificent, and really turns my car into even more of a fanny magnet than it usually is.

you don't have to just take my word for it, you know. my good friend, colleague and a chief of the team that i consider my personal mechanics as and when my car breaks down somewhere near verk, Jayson, was so overwhelmed by the raw sexuality eminating from it that he refused to touch it, but was prepared to touch someone who was touching it.

indeed my good chum Sinbad was so taken with it that he was lost for words, but did immediatley start sending messages to all and sundry about what an amazing sight he had seen.

Gillian's beautification of my car does not end there. i also have a sign on the back now, either warning or advising of sheep for the next 1600kms.

not sure if that means i am supposed to drive for 1600kms with the steering wheel cover on, or if i am just giving some helpful advice, really. however, i do know that Jayson was also very, very impressed with this one too. very impressed indeed.

further to this, my car also sounds like an open homage to early 80s New Zealand new wave, new romantic music, with great thanks indeed to Gillian, Grant, Katie and Daniel for providing me with a rather rare CD of The Swingers' one and only album. but more on that later.

righty-ho, more pictures of more gifts from New Zealand to come along later!!

in the mean time, be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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